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Forfatter: Nooco Inc.

Nooco is a Geo-location based mobile searching application for promotion & advertisements.

* Advertisers can register SNS, Blog, Pictures and videos for Free.
- SNS: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus
- Blog: Tumblr, Wordpress
- Photo: Picasa, Flickr
- Video: Youtube,Vimeo

* Advertisers can publish such coupons as below when registering the advertisements.
- Lottery coupon(Several benefits)
- General coupon(Only one benefit)

* Advertisers can make keywords when registering the advertisements.
* Advertisers can choose some places rather than a business site and register Avatar advertisements.

* Searchers can pick a keyword in near my location to search the advertisement.
* Searchers can download a coupon and use it at the business area of the coupon publisher.
* Searchers can share their searched advertisements with Friends.
* Searchers can pick the specific area and will see Avatar and local advertisements near.